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« We are proud that every team member within Relais & Châteaux shares the values of the association. In addition to providing exemplary hospitality and service to our guests, they strive to make the world a better place.

Our close-knit team is the perfect place to thrive in the way that each property is genuinely linked to its local culture. The very uniqueness of each property means there are endless opportunities to learn and hone your skills. We are here to empower and support you.

With that, comes a profound feeling of connection – to your property, your fellow team members, your community and, of course, your guests. And that is a recipe for ongoing engagement and job satisfaction. We look forward to introducing you to a new way of working.»

Anthony Torkington
General Manager, Relais & Châteaux



First Receptionnist

Saint James Paris, Paris (France)

” Doing a job that simply aims to please. “ 

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Saint James Paris, Paris (France)

‘’ We know that when we work in a Relais & Châteaux we have guests more than a clientele. ’’

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Spa Therapist

Saint James Paris, Paris (France)

‘’ The opportunity to interact with all departments and colleagues, you know everyone and it’s really nice! ’’

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The Ranch at Rock Creek, Montana (USA)

” Joining Relais & Châteaux is the opportunity to be trained by the best chefs in the world.”

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Assistant Restaurant manager

Grantley Hall, North Yorkshire (UK)

“I would like to continue to grow within my current property and have long-term goals of holding a Hotel General Manager position.”

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Why having chosen to work in a Relais & Châteaux
I chose to work at Relais & Châteaux because I have always loved what the collection stands for in championing the independent hotels that offer so many luxury experiences for their guests across the world. Here at Grantley Hall, you really feel part of the family and it is truly amazing to work in a hotel which has so much local history and is committed in preserving it.

What does your job involve?
My role in Shaun Rankin restaurant involves assisting my restaurant manager in the operation of the restaurant. I ensure that all of our standards are adhered to, overseeing the training and development of the team. Most importantly my role involves a lot of guest contact which is my favourite part of my job. I make sure that every guest who dines with us feels valued and welcomed to the restaurant.

Can you tell us about a good memory with a client?
One of my favourite memories with a guest was when I got to arrange a proposal for a lovely couple. It was a few months in the making and a few secret emails and visits to make sure that the whole afternoon went as smoothly as possible and that the lady did not suspect anything. When the day arrived I greeted them both and arranged for them to have a private tour after their lunch with our duty manager who led them to a private area of the grounds where I was waiting with the ladies favourite flowers and champagne ready for the gentleman to pop the question! The lady was so surprised and gladly said yes!

How do you imagine your career?
When I first started working in hospitality I didn’t realise that this was the career for me and thought I would just work for a few months to earn some money. It hooked me right from day one and I could not imagine myself doing anything else. I would like to continue to grow within my current property and have long-term goals of holding a Hotel General Manager position.

Working within the hospitality industry and having a social life is it possible today?
Absolutely. The beauty of hospitality is that it is sociable and your work colleagues become some of your closest friends.

How do you see your job tomorrow? How do you think it should evolve?
I think that there is a growing trend for really focussing on provenance and locality. Ensuring that produce is sourced locally supporting local farmers and growers, something that we already strive to do but it will become much more important to our guests.

3 words to describe Relais & Châteaux ?
Unique – Personal – Diverse